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This Guy Creating New Hilarious “Lowcost Cosplays” That Are Usually Top Notch (25 Pics)



Anyone of us he probably tried to do a cosplay costume to look a similar of his favorite character from an anime or cartoon series, but we think about how costly that thing can get.

Cosplay usually can be so expensive, especially if you want to make something amazing with new ideas. So we present to you Anucha “Cha” Saengchart, AKA Lowcost Cosplay, the online cherished Cosplay creator guy with over 5 million fans on Facebook, and he can create any cosplays he wants just by using various household objects and his creativity.

Saengchart has a series of funny cosplays that will make you laugh a lot. From raw chicken and fried shrimp to Billie Eilish Straight out of a Vogue cover and Joker – Take your time to Check out his latest cosplays in the list below and enjoy!

More info: Facebook Instagram


Facebook/ @Lowcostcosplay


Facebook/ @Lowcostcosplay

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