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The Weirdest McDonald’s Restaurants From All Around The World



McDonald’s is one of the largest fast-food chains and most iconic in the world, is known for its menu, not really its decor. You probably think that most McDonald’s restaurants locations around the world look more or less the same, with an interior of chairs and tables bolted to the floor, a counter, and maybe a Playplace as we know. But It turns out there are some of McDonald’s unique restaurants.

Recently, Twitter user @katrinkanova shared a photo of a McDonald’s restaurant in Freeport with the caption ‘it looks like a funeral home on the outside and a retirement home on the inside’, and soon other people replied to her tweet by sharing pics of weird McDonald’s places, like setting it in a decommissioned airplane and many more, we’ve tracked down 30 of them.

#1 Freeport, Maine

twitter/ @katrinkanova

#2 Taupo, New Zealand

twitter/ @pretty_pebbles4

#3 Paris, France

twitter/ @LunacieIsadora

#4 Independence, Ohio

twitter/ @freeallison_

#5 Cambridgeshire, England

twitter/ @K_Vo_

#6 Melbourne, Australia

twitter/ @_LeftistVegan

#7 Gramado, Brazil

twitter/ @popkewitz

#8 Barstow, California

twitter/ @gannjerrod

#9 Dallas, Texas

twitter/ @defendpoppunk10

#10 Sedona, Arizona

twitter/ @emarshallrose

#11 St. Louis, Missouri

twitter/ @YASTLBlog

#12 Bruges, Belgium

twitter/ @hannes_bhc

#13 Bergen, Norway

twitter/ @jksholars

#14 Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

twitter/ @ramblingroisin

#15 Vinita, Oklahoma

twitter/ @AprilCArmstrong

#16 Budapest Nyugati, Hungary

twitter/ @save_tillie

#17 Roswell, New Mexico

twitter/ @iMakeArtifacts

#18 Hangzhou, China

twitter/ @Gentlemenhugs

#19 Shropshire, England

twitter/ @emlbakr

#20 Vancouver, British Columbia

twitter/ @ZazzyV

#21 New Hyde, New York

twitter/ @parkhopperco


twitter/ @meg_catherine94

#23 Rock N Roll McDonald’s, Chicago

twitter/ @TheNotoriousPIA

#24 Batumi, Georgia

twitter/ @chixtapefan

#25 Asheville, North Carolina

twitter/ @ThatJakeKid91

#26 Kristiansand, Norway

twitter/ @Helgemsanchez

#27 Plano, Texas

twitter/ @xfixationsx

#28 U.S. Military, Iraq

twitter/ @phatthamster

#29 Bray, Ireland

twitter/ @AbsoluteHunzo

#30 Sand Lake Road, Orlando

twitter/ @kelly_marth

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