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21 Times Women’s Online Shopping Expectations Crushed By The Actual Thing



Online shopping is the best way to get what you want and delivered to your home at the comfort of your couch without having to go to the shop yourself. But for some people is it a bad way, because you don’t know exactly what you’ll get until your order arrives, at times you will get exactly what you ordered meticulously and sometimes will be a disappointing moment like they said ‘Not all that glitters is gold’, especially on the online shopping

Women and girls are sharing their worst online shopping fails and some of them are so bad so much so that the item did not look even close to what they ordered on the internet. From small more than usual outfits to offensive t-shirts, check out all the times girls failed at online shopping.

#1 That is what she got when you ordered on Chinese store same color but not the same quality

Reddit/ mjkazkaz

#2 Same color but not the same quality

Reddit/ titsmcfitz

#3 Wrong-way around… but hey…

Reddit/ SomeTypicalRedditGuy

#4 $60 Non-Refundable Dress

Reddit/ 1deringifuknow

#5 Is that a t-shirt or a head-shrunk

Twitter/ @ChloeMalius

#6 She wanted the dress for the wedding, that what she got

Twitter/ @khaddy___

#7 I ordered it on online shopping for my birthday but I think I will delay for another time

Reddit/ GallacticCactus

#8 She ordered boots online for the Halloween costume and this is what came

Twitter/ @Sallamandersal

#9 Bought this dress online shopping, only for it to come without the top part. She looks like Daniel DeVito

Reddit/ Theheadandthefart

#10 Donut buy.

Reddit/ TheRookieGetsACookie

#11 I ordered for my 5 years old son, not for me…

Reddit/ Pleasedontdmme

#12 Online shopping can be really disappointed

Twitter/ @MadiBryan3

#13 When you don’t know your exact size, that what’s happen

Twitter/ @SophiaCK

#14 I live in here now.

Twitter/ @SophiaCK

#15 I just want a good knit sweater for the winter season and instead of that I get a sweater for the summer season

Reddit/ meatloafthepuppy

#16 Please explain this inhumane slit.

Twitter/ @bethanie_nicola

#17 What I ordered, what I got.

Twitter/ @L_Boogie_Sue

#18 I’m a human, not a Slenderman!

Twitter/ @psychedelime

#19 It was a very disappointing moment

Reddit/ Missmachineee

#20 Sorry is not the same as what I saw in the store

Twitter/ @huge_loadof-cman

#21 I learned my lesson to never order a prom dress online again

Twitter/ @kavs126

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