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+30 Funny April Fools Texts To Send to Your Friends



April Fools Day is a yearly celebration on April 1st dedicated to pulling practical jokes and playful pranks on friends, family, and the workplace. Text messaging has grown in popularity as a way to send funny April Fools texts that will make people laugh in today’s digital era.

In this article, we’ll provide over 30 witty and April Fools prank text message ideas to play some harmless pranks on your friends and family. So grab your phone and start your funny prank party.


Here are 32 funny April Fools texts ideas to get you started:

1. “Guess what? I just won the lottery! April Fools, I’m still broke.”

2. “I just see a unicorn walking down the street. It must be my lucky day!”

3. “I’ve decided to become a professional clown. Guess this text is my first joke.”

4. “I just got a tattoo of your face on my arm. Kidding, it’s just a temporary sticker.”

5. “I’ve officially decided to become a cat lady. Time to adopt 20 more cats!”



6. “I’ve booked us tickets to Mars for our next vacation. Hope you like space travel!”

7. “I just saw a chipmunk dancing the Macarena in the park. Best dance moves ever!”

8. “I’ve dyed my hair bright pink. I can’t wait for your reaction when you see me!”

9. “I just starting a trend of wearing socks with sandals. Fashion icon in the making!”

10. “I’m joining the circus as a clown juggler. I hope you’re ready for me to juggle your problems away!”

11. “I’ve enrolled in a salsa dancing class. Get ready for some spicy moves!”

12. “I’ve decided to become a professional bubble blower. Hope you’re ready for some bubbly texts!”

13. “I just found out that I’m secretly a wizard. Expect some magical surprises coming your way!”

14. “I’m starting a new job as a professional prankster. Get ready for some hilarious shenanigans!”

15. “I just saw a UFO in the back garden! Oh, wait, it’s just a plastic bag caught in a tree. Happy April Fools’ Day!”



16. “I baked you some delicious brownies…with a twist! They’re actually made of cardboard. Just kidding, but I got you!”

17. “Hell no I just dropped your phone in the toilet… hahaha just kidding April Fools! It’s safely hidden in my drawer. Don’t worry.”

18. “Just saw a squirrel riding a skateboard in the street.”

19. “I’ve decided to become a professional stand-up comedian. Get ready for my first show in your living room!”

20. “I’ve started a new hobby of collecting rubber ducks. Can’t wait to show off my collection!”

21. “I’ve decided to become a food critic…of my cooking. Wish me luck!”

22. “I just adopted a pet rock. Say hello to Rocky the Rock!”

23. “I’ve started a new career as a professional prank caller. Get ready for some hilarious phone calls!”

24. “Just saw a cow doing the Cha-Cha Slide in the field. Best dance moves I’ve ever seen!”

25. “I’ve officially become a professional pancake artist. Get ready for some edible masterpieces!”

26. “I’m starting a new trend of wearing sunglasses at night. Coolness level: off the charts.”



27. “I have some shocking news…I just won the lottery! Just kidding, but wouldn’t that be amazing? Happy April Fools’ Day!”

28. “I put googly eyes on all your stuff so they can watch you while you sleep. Just kidding, but wouldn’t that be hilarious? Happy April Fools’ Day!”

29. “I accidentally spilled coffee all over your favorite shirt…just kidding, it’s actually hanging in your closet safe and sound. April Fools!”

30. “I just won the lottery and bought us a private island! JK, April Fools!”

31. “I’m pregnant… with a food baby! Too many tacos for lunch. Happy April Fools’ Day!”

32. “I just saw a UFO in my backyard! Oh wait, it was just a drone. April Fools!”

These funny texts are sure to bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces on April Fool’s Day. Just remember to keep the pranks light-hearted and fun!


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