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30 Times people Completely Missed The jokes And Made Fools Of Themselves



There are some people when they want to tell a joke, they fail and change the subject abruptly, simply because not everyone is blessed with a great sense of humor. Some want to show that they are in control of a joke but end up making themselves so fools.

The same applies to the internet when you post a joke and you flooded with comments from people thinking you’re a dum but in fact, they are. Like when you post a joke as a picture showing a drum wrapped in gift paper with the caption ‘I hope it’s a dog’ and people say in the comments is not a dog is drum set.

People started sharing on subreddit, r/woooosh, a group dedicated to sour jokes from people who completely missed the joke can be even funnier than the original joke itself. Mode viral has compiled hilarious examples of people who missed the point of a joke. Take a look!

#1 This Is A Drum Set…

Reddit/ TitanElectrons

#2 In My Friends Discord Server.

Reddit/ Vrpndt

#3 You Don’t Say?

Reddit/ RedIrisCirce3

#4 Would Have Never Guessed Mate.

Reddit/ Tobeyfenton

#5 We’ve Been Fooled

Reddit/ sqanker

#6 An Oldie But A Goldie

Reddit/ HayyanPro167

#7 The Rare Double Whammy.

Reddit/ GameProPie

#8 Woow, You Were Obviously The Only One That Noticed

Reddit/ pepinommer

#9 Instagram People

Reddit/ SrWillGu

#10 That Guy Must’ve Hard Time Getting Laid.

Reddit/ PastVision

#11 Reading Japanese is easy

Reddit/ patatten123

#12 That Meat

Reddit/ evillman

#13 She Needs Karensurance.

Reddit/ Raz0r42

#14 Same Way All Submarines Do

Reddit/ alexiasimoes6

#15 Facebook Never Disappoints

Reddit/ loko5929

#16 Wow Didn’t Know That’s How It’s Spelled

Reddit/ libbysayshi_1

#17 Maybe It Only Shows On iPhone

Reddit/ CommunistKetchup

#18 Microwave Sounds

Reddit/ Gerardwayismylord

#19 You’re Wrong My Friend.

Reddit/ Pug-stash

#20 How Do You Not See The Sarcasm?!

Reddit/ soep653

#21 It’s Healthy

Reddit/ thelosthacker

#22 No, They’re Definitely Different

Reddit/ pwk_6437

#23 Standing still

Reddit/ TheDiggit

#24 Went Right Over Her Head

Reddit/ vanqushingpilot

#25 How Could You Forget

Reddit/ Jakememer

#26 Wooshing A Rage Comic In 2020

Reddit/ Jorujo_san

#27 Was Digging Into Some Of My Old Comments. Very Disappointed.

Reddit/ Heki101

#28 Cars, Laws, Signs

Reddit/ lucamosk

#29 He Didn’t Buy The App

Reddit/ zenyattalover

#30 Yeah, This Is Definitely Bunk

Reddit/ sahil_ad

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