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Hubble Space Telescope Portrait of Star’s Gaseous Glow



NASA and European Space Agency’s (ESA) The Hubble Space Telescope has spotted a star’s gaseous glow is that Beautiful or haunting? Let’s know that

They have named the rounded object NGC 2022, this circular object is a vast orb of gas that is cast off by an elderly star and it’s existing in the constellation of Orion (the Hunter), NASA said. You can see in this image the star in the orb’s center, it lighting through the gases is used to hold onto for most of its stellar lifespan.

When stars like the sun get older, they grow up in size and glow a red hue. called “red giants,” these stars then begin to lose their outer layers of material at space. More than half of the oldest star’s mass can be lost this way, creating a shell of surrounding gas.

In the same time, while that is going on the outside, the aging star’s core becomes smaller and hotter, then starts to emit ultraviolet light that causes the expelled gases to glow in the process.

According to NASA, this object above in the picture with gaseous glow is called a planetary nebula. It represents a phase of star growth that the sun is expected to experience several billion years from now. So, When a stellar, such as the sun, uses all of the hydrogens up in its core, it increases bigger and transforms into a red giant. In this period, the star’s outer layers decrease, and finally, it leaves behind a hot core that holds to create a dense white dwarf star.


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