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10 Good Movies To Watch With Friends



Nowadays, you don’t need to go to the movie theater as often as you used to, especially with how films have become streamable you can watch them with your friends with fun and enjoyable anytime and anywhere. Whether you’re looking for comedy, action, drama, or even older feel-good films, there are plenty of great movies that exist. Here are 10 of the best movies to watch with friends:

1. Clueless

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In the 90s and even now, this movie was the perfect chick flick to watch again with your friends, even if you weren’t able to relate with the rich girl lead protagonist Cher.


2. Now and Then

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The pinnacle of the coming-of-age movies, in the eyes of many elderly millennials, is this 1995 comedy-drama, which still evokes a great deal of nostalgia. Likely, you identified most with one of the four major characters—Roberta, Chrissy, Samantha, or Teeny.

3. Barbie

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Without a question, the best girls’ film of 2023 was Barbie. You probably went to revel in nostalgia and left with several thought-provoking life lessons.

4. Mean Girls

Even though this beloved classic teen comedy and high school film was released about 20 years ago, most of millennials still know every line from it. For today’s teens who choose to watch it with their buddies, a good portion of it probably still has resonance.

5. 10 Things I Hate About You

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Did you know that “The Taming of the Shrew” by William Shakespeare which have been written between 1590 and 1592 serves as an inspiration for this comedy-drama? In this 1999 teen favorite, Larisa Oleynik’s Bianca, the main character, and the other girls try to make a romance against Bianca’s (Julia Stiles) elder sister Kat’s ban on dating.

6. Dumb And Dumber

In the comedy Dumb and Dumber, two dumb friends named Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne set out on a mission to restore money-filled suitcases to their owners. They face funny problems and make dumb mistakes along the way. Their friendship helps them through the crazy situations they meet on their mission, despite their lack of intelligence.

7. Inception

“Inception” is a thief who has the unusual ability to enter into people’s dreams and take their subconscious secrets. And is a mind-bending sci-fi thriller that will have you and your friends discussing the ending for hours.

8. Bridesmaids

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Reaching the status of being invited to a friend’s wedding is a significant milestone in friendship for many people. However, at times things may go wrong and put some of those bonds to the test. The film makes you laugh and grumble all the time and highlights the point to the next level.

9. The Spy Who Dumped Me

this movie is not a typical comedy or action movie. Because it combines the best parts of comedy and action movies into one funny package, it’s one of the best movies to see with friends. If the viewing party becomes one big love fest, don’t be shocked.

10. Never Been Kissed

While it’s unlikely that a newspaper writer going undercover at a high school could work nowadays, many of us could certainly identify with the teen chaos shown in this romantic comedy from 1999. Drew Barrymore was a perfect choice for the part of Josie Geller, also known as “Josie Grossie” in her high school days, who investigates teenage life at her old school and makes friends with both the popular cliques and geeks.

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