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Selena Gomez Deleted Instagram Photos After Posting Within 60 Seconds



Singer and actor Selena Gomez, well-known for her roles in television and music, has made herself a prominent figure in the entertainment industry and on social media platforms. With her massive following, Gomez strategically uses Instagram to engage with fans, share moments of her life, and sometimes stir up buzz with interesting posts.

Recently, Gomez sparked interest when she momentarily shared a revealing photo on social media before quickly removing it within just 60 sec, leaving her fans interested and ready for more.

Why did Selena Gomez delete her Instagram post?

On March 24, Selena Gomez suddenly returned to Instagram and posted two “racy” pictures that swiftly attracted the attention of her followers. Known for her intermittent presence on Instagram, Gomez’s Saturday night posts showcased her with wavy hazel hair down to her shoulders. However, the picture revealed a little wardrobe malfunction, as Gomez’s low-cut black bandeau top slipped slightly lower than usual.

Although the pictures were removed, eager fans had already taken screenshots and other fans supported her online by sharing sweet messages and encouraging others to think before they speak:


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