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17 Teachers That Took Cheating Prevention To A High Level



Cheating has a special taste, especially if it succeeds. We are talking just about testing at school you did not prepare, not something else like on your partner or at work… So Cheating skills vary among students, and teachers are forced to use tools like Cone hats, metal detectors and even flying drones!! – Yes, Flying Drones you can imagine that, we can all probably agree that the majority of these efforts look hilarious, and you will hear phrases like “Stop talking!” or “Look forward!”

#1 Prohibiting cellphones

#2 Anti-cheating cardboard boxes

#3 Diligent supervision

#4 Horse blinder-like hats

#5 Stripping down to underwear

Indian army candidates were asked to remove their clothing to prevent cheating during a recruitment day.

According to some interviews, over 60,000 high school students at over 25 US schools were questioned. 95% of them said they participated in some form of cheating and 58% admitted to plagiarism.

#6 Vintage anti-cheating hats

#7 Real-time surveillance

#8 Going through the metal detector

#9 Anti-cheating folders

#10 Anti-cheating hats

One study shows that some students might cheat because they have poor concentration in school and are having a hard time keeping up with the material. researchers say, “It creates significant pressure on students because there is so much riding on it and any little mistake can greatly affect their grade.”

#11 Drone supervision

#12 Anti-cheating umbrellas

#13 Anti-cheating hats

#14 Anti-cheating cardboard boxes

Motivational theories prophesy that when someone perceives a low probability of success for a certain mission, chances are they won’t invest much effort into it. So, if the mission is perceived as high-stakes and they must succeed at it at all costs, students are more probably to turn to cheating than studying.

#15 Anti-cheating hats

#16 anti-cheating hats

#17 Horse blinder-like hats

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