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29 Interesting Scenes Happened At The Beach And People Had To Share It



Now it’s summertime and we will enjoy surfer and waves with our friends and family or also taking a dip in the cool waters and soaking in the sand. This is something really amazing is like to say ‘life’s a beach,‘ the beach can be a memorable place to be.

However, there are things that happen just in summer like a seagull swooping in and stealing your wallet or seeing some girls try to get some nice pictures or found some strange shape stones – Scroll down to see interesting scenes that happened on the beach.

#1 Stone found on a beach.

reddit/ 9999monkeys

#2 Just bro things.

reddit/ MattCloudy

#3 Taking a picture of a girlfriend at the sea and saw a lot of others doing the same.

reddit/ Lewy-G

#4 Trying out girls’ positions at the beach.

reddit/ Mandylost

#5 My brother found this life-bulb washed up on an Australian beach. It was all alive and it floated.

reddit/ tellamgood

#6 Not a gorilla walking on the beach.

reddit/ samfox11223

#7 A lady friend of mine wanted a piggyback picture on the beach and so did a random biker.

reddit/ sizertl

#8 This was built on a beach near Island Beach State park where Chris Christie was sunbathing.

reddit/ xnowayhomex

#9 Do raccoons on a beach in Panama City feel like Fritos?

reddit/ CoolStick

#10 Mt. Ruffmore.

Imgur/ slytherinyourazkaban

#11 Dipping a toe!


#12 Mom stumbled on a drug dealer in Jamaica.

reddit/ hotdogfinatic

#13 The perfect story in three panels ft. cousin.

reddit/ All-Seeing_Elon

#14 A sign at the beach of Lithuania.

reddit/ mrthordavis

#15 Met this guy proudly wearing a T-shirt from grandkids.

reddit/ mhinkleberry

#16 Mr. Crab’s first dollar.

reddit/ capecoddaveb

#17 Gotta stay 10 feet away from wild ponies on Assateague even if they’re hijacking your spot.

reddit/ poop_artist

#18 Took my cat to the beach and met a professional dancer doing a photoshoot.

reddit/ sollysocksify

#19 The boyfriend took the dog to the beach for some ‘quality’ time.

reddit/ AlexandraTheGr347

#20 Who still makes sandcastle?

reddit/ yudoit

#21 There is just a door on this abandoned beach.

reddit/ elastizitat

#22 This is Argiro (which means silver in Greek) and regularly sunbathes on this chair locals save for her.

reddit/ vivienne178

#23 ‘Where did you get that beach towel?’

reddit/ JiveMonkey

#24 Saw this at the beach.

#25 A creative Sprite ad.

#26 What a radical concept at Bali, 2017.

reddit/ RajBandar

#27 E for an existential crisis.

reddit/ czarcaztic

#28 You’ve been wondering why women live longer than men.

#29 Looks like a miracle happened on this beach.

reddit/ Auginer

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