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30 Witnessed Hilarious Clothes Disasters That Really Happened



When we talk about fashion, there’s a pretty thin line between what’s wonderful and what’s just plain awful, which means is not easy to master. A bad choice of font or some badly placed text can immediately turn any beautiful clothing into a complete disaster.

Now we’re on quarantine, it sounds like a good time to sort out the closet and collect the clothes that you’re not wearing anymore, and those disasters happen to be absolutely hilarious. Mode Viral collects the best of failed fashion on the list below because nothing is funnier than easily misunderstood designs and hope your boring quarantine days get better when you check the list together.

#1 Sauron’s eye at the most unexpected place.


#2 Now we need socks with fake feet prints.

reddit/ electrolytebitch

#3 Yeah, definitely can’t see that, nope.

reddit/ ubaldejason

#4 On today’s period nightmare.

facebook/ @Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need

#5 Yes, this man just wore a horrifying print of his won baby in the middle of NYC.

reddit/ sarayewo

#6 On today’s Japan’s take on period.

instagram/ @seventhheaven

#7 That’s just her brown dress in a swimming pool.

reddit/ mrriousz

#8 Nothing is wrong with this shirt. It just looks wrong on a man.

reddit/ Patpatnotstar

#9 Ouch…

reddit/ MartynC65

#10 Not the best motivation line.

reddit/ nifflermoon

#11 When you can’t put your hands down and your friends asked why:

reddit/ kawaigirl

#12 My Friend’s Shirt Has The Image File Name On It

reddit/ crappydesign

#13 Crocs, but it’s the end of the world with ‘Mad Max’ mode.

reddit/ ghosted_

#14 When the supermarket ran out of toilet papers.

reddit/ djcubedmofo

#15 Because Eiffel Tower is in New York and Sweden.

reddit/ damla_is_cringey

#16 Elves got rights, too!

reddit/ jakewithar

#17 Grandma is wearing her Bahamas T-shirt. Grandma likes it.

reddit/ rtowne

#18 Friend: How bad is your workplace’s uniform?

reddit/ sovietmetalhead

#19 Trollx Fabric Designer

reddit/ trollxchromosomes

#20 Someone paid $907 for this pair of pants.


#21 Thailand’s take on Supreme.

reddit/ GirlBart

#22 For sweater lovers during summers.

instagram/ @miyagawadai

#23 The wrong dress at the wrong position.

imgur/ Gundarian

#24 Maybe Not The Best Idea To Have A Red Flower Down There

reddit/ 2j2345

#25 Why can’t designers remember that women have periods?


#26 Can you spot his eye and nose?

reddit/ Big_Jamal_AMA

#27 These Are Burgers People. Burgers

facebook/ @Lula Bloopers

#28 Dad got this T-shirt from his nursing home. We love the quote really, but not sure if anyone’s going to wear this.

reddit/ dontwanttomakeslime

#29 Googly eyes, because how bad could hundreds of them on your shoes be?

reddit/ Jameel88

#30 My Sister Was The First To Notice What The Print On My New Shirt Was, During Dinner At A Fancy Restaurant And The Celebration Of My Grandfather’s 90th Birthday! Laughs Were Had

reddit/ 2as65l

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