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Couple Decided To Passing Time In Lockdown By Recreating 21 Popular Movies Scenes



Many of us now have a lot of time during this pandemic lockdown, people started to keep themselves busy and at the same time entertained, like baking, learning or hairstyling. One couple has found a different way to do this by recreating scenes from popular movies.

Fanny and Norbert, a Hungarian couple are big fans of famous movies which had inspired them to start recreating movie scenes in a hilarious style by using just household items like eggs, spatulas, and toilet papers to make lowcost Cosplay and more creative. Fanny and Norbert both are former performers specializing in live events and are also the leaders of the Improvokál improvisational theater – Check out them in the gallery below and share with us your opinion. Enjoy it!

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#1 Commando

Fanni said they choose the themes for their recreations based on what they can pull off while also trying to make them quarantine-related. “We have been thinking about something like this for quite some time but now we finally have plenty of time to make it happen,” said the woman.

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