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30 People Who Stand Out To Their Unique Genetic



Everyone is unique in their own way, and it is said that each individual is different in this world, which means is impossible to find two the same person. But some lucky ones are beyond the ordinary and whose unique genetics make them stand out from the rest. Be it different colored eyes or birthmarks. These people possess unique features which make it easy for us to remember them

Mode Viral has found 30 people with a unique genetic appearance that has become a part of their identity and will make you say “Fascinating!” – see it all in the gallery below!

#1 Little Girl Born With A White Patch Of Hair Which Is Exactly The Same As Her Mum’s

This amazing hair pattern is caused by a condition known as Poliosis or poliosis circumscripta.

#2 Handsome baby has a heart-shaped birthmark!

© Gurjen / Reddit

#3 Look At The Eyes Of This Kid. He Has A Condition Called Waardenburg Syndrome

twitter/ @faray_official

#4 Vitiligo Affecting One Side Of A Man’s Face

This unique genetic in which the skin loses pigment is called ‘vitiligo’. It affects almost 1% of people all over the world and scientists are still not completely sure what causes it. Michael Jackson was one of the most famous celebrities affected by this condition.

#5 I Think You’ll Like My Eye

reddit/ Sorranne

#6 A woman with the most beautiful smile ever.

© cassandranaud / Instagram

#7 My friend has heterochromia. A Genetic Masterpiece

© samanthakaydean / Reddit

#8 Daughter was born with gorgeous nails.

© mozzzzyyy / Reddit

#9 Zhang Hongming Suffers From Rare Congenital Giant Pigmented Nevus, Commonly Know As Giant Furred Moles

reddit/ bobbydigitalFTW

#10 My Friend’s Iris Is Split In Half

#11 I Have Elf Ears

reddit/ fairylegal

#12 Half Of My Face Has Vitiligo

instagram/ @v_mariie

#13 Sometimes People Stop In The Middle Of A Conversation To Stare At My Eye. Wonder Why

reddit/ Nira_kawaii

When asked if she could see with that eye, the original poster responded “I can see better from that eye than from the other, I have had glasses all my life and my vision was pretty bad as a child, but it got better with age”. She even included some photos of the pupil expanded!

#14 My Belly Button Attracts A Lot Of Comments

reddit/ Swirlxx

#15 I Have A Ring Of Brown In My Eyes

reddit/ excynimphica

#16 My Height Is Not High, Only 151cm, But My Toes Are Inexplicably Long

#17 I Think My Thumb Is A Bit Too Big

reddit/ BeardedGlass

#18 Our Daughter Has Different Colored Eyelashes

reddit/ ashkei

#19 My Ring And Middle Fingers Are Connected

reddit/ NTOOOO

#20 I‘ve Been Told My Peace Sign Is Unusually Wide

reddit/ Paulpr0

#21 This Person Has An Iris Growing Over A Pupil

reddit/ alexioding

#22 My Son Was Born With Coloboma In Both Eyes

reddit/ Taylor_Satine

#23 I Was Born Without A Little Finger On My Right Hand

reddit/ fm369

#24 This Person Has A Thumb With Three Phalanges Instead Of Two

reddit/ Surgeox

#25 My Friend Has Double Toes

reddit/ gasp1324657980

#26 I Was Born With 3ish Toes On My Right Foot

reddit/ darbel

#27 This Stripe I Have On My Left Iris

reddit/ CrazyQueen502

#28 My Neck Skin Is Stretchy Enough To Allow Me To Suck On It With No Hands

reddit/ Zen100_

#29 My Pinkie Was The Only Finger To Get Numb When Working Outside In The Winter

reddit/ Chimlerr

#30 I Was Born With 12 Fingers And Toes. All Fully Functional. Here Are My Baby Pictures

reddit/ FORTYACR35

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