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30 Times People Spotted Complete Jerks During The Coronavirus (Covid-19) Crisis



Right now the coronavirus spread confusion to a lot of people, especially after more and more countries have begun declaring quarantine. Social gatherings have been canceled, restaurants, bars, and cafes are closed, also schools have been closed for a minimum of two weeks to prevent the spread of the virus and people are preparing to exercise “social distancing” for the next weeks.

Some people taking proactive steps to ensure the comfort and safety of their families while avoiding all unnecessary social contact and others are choosing to stock up on supplies. This kind who stock up on supplies takes advantage of this situation to turn a profit by buying large quantities of toilet paper and hand sanitizer and later reselling it at a higher price.

People are tired of this bad behavior, and the internet is a platform for people to express their concerns and even call out their neighbors for being total jerks. See all these 30 total jerks who were called out for taking advantage of the COVID-19 outbreak in the gallery below!

#1 The elderly are the ones who will be most affected by the virus and shouldn’t be in public if they don’t have to be. Thankfully there are good people who want to help.

#2 These two are buying as much hand sanitizer as they can carry. This kind of hoarding never ends well. Take what you need and leave the rest for others who need it.


#3 This Man Drove 1,000+ Miles And Bought 17,000 Bottles Of Hand Sanitizer And Wipes, But Now He Can’t Find Buyers. Boo-Hoo

#4 Just…. Man, [screw] Her. I’ll Never Understand Why People Are Such Assh*les

woman in Taylor Mill, Kentucky has hoarded toilet paper to sell out the back of her car for $5.00 a roll. How can people have this much greed? 

#5 The eggs are gone. Why are people panic buying eggs right now? Eggs go bad, these eggs won’t grow chickens so what’s the plan in two weeks?


#6 The chaos is creating more chaos. They say the early bird gets the worm. You have to be early if you want to get your essentials without the 3 hour lines.


#7 This Picture Was Taken At My Local Costco. We’re Doomed Folks

#8 British Shoppers Are Being Urged Not To Panic

#9 Low stocked and ransacked shelves at a Tesco after panic buying.


#10 If This Is You: [Screw] You

#11 I think the guy with the case of Coronas has the right idea!


#12 The More You Take, The Less There Is For Everyone Else

#13 How quickly was this brilliant idea shut down?


#14 There is absolutely no reason to hoard this much toilet paper. It’s not even going to fit in their jeep.

#15 Another Profiteer Clearing Out Thermometers At Costco. Spent His Time In The Line-Up Bragging How Much Money He Would Make Marking Up The Sale Of These


#16 My Kid Has A Non-Coronavirus Related Fever. But Panic Shopping Has Made It Hard To Find Medicine

#17 This person is selling out of the back of her car. Price gouging during an emergency is totally illegal. Not to mention just plain wrong.


#18 Australia Right Now. Corona Virus Panic Has Already Hit

#19 Assh*le In My County Bought All Of This Toilet Paper And Is Now Trying To Sell It In Various Facebook Groups


#20 This person bought 3 pallets of disinfectant wipes… This person is a huge part of the panic problem.

#21 Entitled Woman Goes To Red Robin


#22 Seattle Has Chosen Its Food Of Choice For Corona Catastrophe 2020

#23 This is the local Costco after the school closures were announced.


#24 Stay Classy You Opportunistic Assh*led

#25 These guys need a reality check in a bad way.


#26 I Don’t Fear The Virus, I Fear A Run On Supplies

#27 Other Than Panic Buying Being Incredibly Selfish And Unnecessary, How Does Someone Have The Space To Refrigerate All This Milk?


#28 This Couple In Canada, Reselling Wipes Online For Around $90 Cad Bought From Costco’s

#29 This Person Bought Out Pretty Much The Rest Of Our Stock Of Toilet Paper And Paper Towels Yesterday


#30 This Person

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