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Museums Are Sharing Photos Of Their Creepiest Exhibits And The Results Was The Stuff Of Nightmares



After closure to all public places, meant for tourism or entertainment like museums, amusement parks, and even prayer places have been shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Yorkshire Museum, England, has launched a challenge on Twitter under the #curatorbattle hashtag and challenged other museum curators far and wide to share the “creepiest exhibits” they have.

The challenge started by tweeting a picture from Yorkshire on April 17, shows a hair bun off a Roman woman from the 3rd or 4th century AD.

Soon enough, museums from Germany, France, Canada, and the USA responded started sharing all sorts of creepy objects they have on display like zombie blowfish, a terrifying taxidermic mermaid, and creepy necklaces — Check out the creepiest museum exhibits in the gallery below!

#1 Plague Mask (1650/1750)

twitter/ @DHMBerlin

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