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Some People Are Protesting Against The Lockdown Using Dumb Signs: ‘I NEED A HAIRCUT’



Everyone is avoiding getting out during this lockdown to prevent the rapid spread of the virus, by staying or working at home, chilling, and watching Netflix, and you have all the time to do everything you have been putting off for so long and by doing this you are literally saving lives.

But some people around the U.S. they doing demonstrations and waving signs that have been branded “ignorant” and “dumb” as they clamored for states to reopen promptly despite the coronavirus continuing to claim lives at a terrible rate and they prove there’s no limit to human stupidity also they demanding governors lift lockdowns and open nonessential businesses that have been shuttered to control the spread of the corona.

Check out the inconsiderate protesters and their crazy signs like ‘I NEED A HAIRCUT’ and more in the gallery below!

#1 Her poster reads ‘Land Free’. She said this isn’t China and why are healthcare workers allowed to work but she can’t.

twitter/ @ccroucher9

#2 Because you chose to be sick, right?

twitter/ @beyerstein

#3 Really!!



Sergio Flores

#6 Staying at home is for your safety.

#7 No Comment!


instagram/ @lovesoulflower

#9 Can’t live if your hair is a few centimeters longer than planned?

twitter/ @kharyp

#10 They do not control it is just to keep you safe

instagram/ @seanissan

#11 Stupidity is viral.

instagram/ @seanissan


instagram/ @seanissan

#13 Let me tell you what’s essential: preventing you from breeding.


instagram/ @momma_by_the_bay

#15 These people think government likes it when economy is stalled and their citizens dying.

twitter/ @ChrChristensen

#16 Some people should never be let out ever.

twitter/ @punicgoddess

#17 Do you not have friends? Doesn’t any of them warn you that being stupid is dangerous?

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