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People Are Sharing Their Bad Travel Pics That Have Ever Been Captured (29 Pics)



Travel is the most important thing in life, and there are some landmarks and places that you should never miss. For a one in a lifetime chance, you want to take loads of pictures so you can remember all the amazing places you visited. But some people had a bad travel weren’t so lucky to capture their rare picture as we see on social media, because of bad weather or the horrible timing of their visit.

People are sharing their bad travel photos, and that confirms you can’t always take the perfect pictures and you have to choose a good time to travel. Check out all the times people went on vacation and returned with hilariously bad travel pics in the gallery below!

#1 My Moms First Time Visiting Paris

reddit/ OstidTabarnak

#2 A two-hour drive from 2.30 am to watch the sunrise from the top of Haleakala. Don’t wait, nothing is loading here

reddit/ bradp36

#3 The Day I Visited The Great Wall Of China

reddit/ Never_Hard

#4 We finally earned the permits to hike 10 miles to see the Havasupai Falls

reddit/ TitillatingTofu

#5 You should get up early to see the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge. To see this

reddit/ Just_A_Pterodactyl

#6 My First Time Visiting The Grand Canyon And This Happened

reddit/ Mr-Xela-48

#7 A Friend Of Mine Traveled To Italy And Managed To Take A Picture Of The Leaning Tower Of Pisa That Doesn’t Show It Leaning

reddit/ blakemon1

#8 Went To See The Taj Mahal This Morning

reddit/ SnowWonder

#9 This Photo My Dad Took Of Me At Machu Picchu

reddit/ Mr_Tom_Yabo

#10 Behold, Mt. Fuji in Japan


imgur/ kdrumz

#11 We visited the Eiffel Tower for our honeymoon

reddit/ theadum

#12 My Friend Is On Vacation In Hawaii, And She Asked This Man To Take A Picture Of Her. He Told Her, “I Got A Close Up.” Bless This Man

reddit/ tybalt-tisk

#13 Rented A Car And Took A 2-Hour Drive Outside Of Berlin To See Die Rakotzbrücke

reddit/ topsecretvcr

#14 Another Grand Canyon in the fog and snow

reddit/ emalberti

#15 I Was In New York For The First Time In My Life

reddit/ prestoff

We spent almost 10 hours on a plane, crossed the Atlantic Ocean and flew 7,500 kilometers. We climbed the top of the rock to enjoy a view of Central Park. We had only one day in New York and this view will always be with us.

#16 Finally, I can see the famed Big Ben

reddit/ chadillac86

#17 Went On Vacation And Paid Extra For A Room With A View Of The Mountains. The Snow Plow Ran Right Outside Our Window

reddit/ -avoidingwork-

#18 Saw The Grand Canyon Today! 10/10 Would Come Again (So I Can Actually See It)

reddit/ jelliedmonster2

#19 Friend said I should go see the Gateway Arch when I was in St. Louise for the first time

reddit/ drtythrtybass

#20 We got a room on the 65th floor of ‘Grand Times Square View’. Then, the fog

reddit/ simfire

#21 Hiked One Of Norway’s Most Beautiful Trails For 3.5 Hours Through The Rain To Be Rewarded With This Stunning View

reddit/ notOdin

#22 I Got To See The “Scenic” Grand Canyon In All Its Fog Glory. At Least I Have An Excuse To Come Back

instagram/ @vinceggordon

#23 Traveled 4000 Miles From The USA To Ireland To See The Cliffs Of Moher

reddit/ Invertednipple

#24 Climbed Mt. Agung from 4 am in the morning a decade ago. It was raining and colder than I’d imagine considering the tropical weather. Visibility was at best 32 feet (10m)

reddit/ Hollhut

#25 Travelled 2,000+ Miles To Mt. Rushmore. It Is What It Is, I Guess

reddit/ Ambrodextrous

#26 After Several Hours Of Walking, I Was Awarded With This Magnificent View From The Pulpit Rock, Norway

reddit/ PatteLoffen

#27 I trekked for more than 15 hours to this view of the mountain

reddit/ Winnie-the-Broo

#28 Yeah, that’s Mt. Fuji. A picture in case you’re wondering if it is

reddit/ a_typical_guy-14

#29 4 Years Ago. Grand Canyon Fog

instagram/ @marissa_ricci

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