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People Sharing Hilarious Pictures Of Cats To Show ‘Why You Should Have A Cat’



We hope you love cats because they are quiet and independent also they’re cutty and beautiful. There are all kinds of pets in this world like some people love to care for birds or fish, but the majority of people going for cats and dogs.

One study said caring for a cat in your house gets you lower stress and anxiety and improves your cardiovascular health for his owner and also reduces feelings of loneliness. the Twitter account ‘Why you should have a cat.’ Only recently made in November 2020, the account already has 907,000 followers

I’m sure after seeing these pics you will get your own cat and don’t forget to look up information on how to care for cats to live a fulfilling life with you.


Twitter/ @ShouldHaveCat


Twitter/ @ShouldHaveCat

Your cat needs to get a clean and dry place to sleep and rest. Don’t forget to line your cat’s bed with a soft warm blanket for comfort. Also, you will need a fresh litter box and to be cleaned every day to avoid unpleasant odors. Of Course, provide a well-balanced diet, a safe environment, and a scratch pole to avoid scratching and paw at drapes, furniture because many cats a tendency to scratch

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