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34 Stunning Photos Of Animal Eyes Captured By An Armenian Photographer



The animal’s eyes are one of the most wonderful things that we can’t explain. Suren Manvelyan is an Armenian photographer who proves how magic animals’ eyes are, and also he loves to photograph animals from up close, especially their eyes in which you can see the iris, the blood vessels, and all the amazing details that they hide, some of them look like you see a space or a mountain.

The idea came up after doing a similar one with human eyes, the photographer said in an interview: “After the first project, I had really improved in shooting eyes in any conditions, and eventually settled on the idea to photograph animal eyes,” said Suren. These images will make you admire how beautiful it is. Have a Look!

More info: surenmanvelyan.com | Facebook | Instagram

#1 Camel

Suren Manvelyan

#2 Caiman lizard

Suren Manvelyan

The photographer explained that the reason for each different eyes is that every animal has to adapt to the conditions that they live in. “Water animals have completely different eyes than those living on earth, too. I think this is what makes the animal eye series so interesting to the viewer,” Suren explain.

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