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Photographer Takes Photos Of Cats On Catnip, And The Results Are Wonderful (13 pics)



Andrew Marttila a photographer from Washington, likes taking pictures of the funny and derpy faces of cats. So his last project is about what happens to them when they’re “high” on catnip. He is also known as The Cat Photographer.

This photographer has published a book called “Cats on Catnip” with a funny photo series that sees many pussycats react to their catnip trip and turn into free-loving, saucer-eyed kitties. Andrew reveals, “Whether it’s eating it, playing with it, or rolling around in it, catnip turns our domestic feline friends into hilarious balls of activity. Carefree and unconstrained, they are free to be silly, exceptionally playful, and downright gnarly.”

That herb is safe for cats don’t worry, lasts just a couple of minutes, and impacts each cat differently. Marttila recalls, “In the blink of an eye, a cat’s expression transforms from bored to inquisitive to playful to curious to bizarre…to utterly unhinged.”

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