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#PrayforAmazonia Goes Viral as Fire Destroyed Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest



People on the world are using the hashtag #PrayforAmazonia on social media as fires continue to damage Brazil’s rainforest.

EuroNews confirms, these fires, who have been burning the states of Rondônia, Amazonas, Pará, and Mato Grosso for weeks, became so dangerous that the state of Amazonas was obliged to declare a state of emergency. The Smoke created by the fires was a lot so dense that it blocked out the sun around the country, including São Paulo. The map of Windy.com, you can see the full map here. The map has many features like see radar and satellite images and you can zoom in and out, see the temperatures, and many of this. you can see their massive scale.

People expressed concern over the effects from fires will have on the inhabitant, animal life, and the natural landscape. These fires have induced widespread criticism of Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, who has dismissed the severity of that.

According to The Guardian, The Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro said NGOs may burning down the Amazon forest to embarrass his government after he cut their funding. Bolsonaro has no proof but he said ‘everything indicates’ that NGOs are going to the Amazon to set fire

Jair Bolsonaro, has indicted environmental groups of blazing fires in the Amazon and he tries to escape from rising international criticism of his failure to protect the world’s biggest rainforest.

Data confirm that deforestation in the Amazon has risen since Bolsonaro given office. According to a statement from Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE), there are about 870 square miles of the Amazon rainforest was damaged by fires man-made last month, marking a 278% growing from July 2018. Bolsonaro called the data “a lie” and then dismiss INPE’s director Ricardo Galvão.

“I am confident about this data is a lie. We are going to call the president of INPE here to talk about this situation and that’s the end of that case,” and he said last month, “For the first time in the history of Brazil a president of the republic is searching into fulfilling with everything he does what he promised through the expedition,” Bolsonaro said. “God willing, everything will work and will be okay, policies like mine will continue in Brazil forever.”

Experts say that event could significantly harm the planet earth, as the Amazon rainforest plays an important role in stabilizing the world’s carbon emissions.

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Source: Complex

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