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Professor Carries Student’s Baby on Back for 3-Hour Lecture So Mother Can Focus and Take Notes



Lawrenceville, GE: A college professor’s do nice work of helping a student by carrying her baby for three hours so that she could focus on the lecture, she won a tremendous outpouring love of netizens. The professor could not find a baby sitter for her son, and she carried it. The post was posted on Twitter in Septembre 20 goes viral, has collected over 57k likes and more than 11,5k retweets.

Ramata Sissoko Cissé is an assistant professor of biology for anatomy and physiology at Georgia Gwinnett College in Lawrenceville, Georgia. One of her students reached out to her a night before an important 8 a.m. classes, to ask for help.

Twitter: @AnnaKhadejah

“She asked if she could bring the baby with her to class because she had missed a class already and did not want to be behind,” Ramata said to Yahoo. “I know the student is very smart and ambitious. She really wanted to learn.”

Cissé asked the student to bring her child to the lecture so that they could find a solution together. But when Cissé saw her students couldn’t balance taking notes and soothing the baby, and she decided to carry the baby on her back.

Cissé said. She taught a three-hour class with the sleeping baby secured to her back. “In my native Mali, we used sheets and other pieces of fabric to securely carry babies on our backs. My natural instinct was to find a way to secure the baby and I was standing next to a rack with a clean lab coat.”

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