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20 Times Innocent Things Almost Gave People A Heart Attack



Sometimes you feel there’s someone watching you when sleeping and you see a shadow standing near to the door, You freeze in panic and your mind begins racing: should I call the police? Scream? look for a weapon? Or maybe face it? Then suddenly you feel relieved when you notice that shadow is just a black coat hanging in the door.

People are sharing the times they were terrified because of optical illusions, coincidences or just simple misunderstandings. Weird reflections, spooky shadows, or a seemingly sawn-in-half dog – check out the list of pictures that nearly gave people heart attacks in the gallery below and share your own stories in the comments and don’t forget to open the next page to see more!

#20 Wife Left The Gloves To Dry, I Almost Had A Heart Attack


#19 Slept Over My Moms House Last Night And This Scared Me More Then I Would Like To Admit


Optical delusion challenges our feeling of reality, they make us realize that what we see is simply our brains’ best interpretation of the visual cues our eyes provide. Our brains have adapted not to see what is actually there, but what we consider as useful to see.



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