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This Man Colorizes Old Photos And They Might Change The Way You See History



With the many editing tools available today, we can turn any old picture from black and white into multi-color. Especially when it comes to classic images of the past, many historically important figures have been captured through a vintage lens serving almost as a time capsule of a distant era.

Mads Madsen is a 25-year-old Danish man who is fascinated by history and has a Master’s degree in ancient Greece and Rome history, has colorized some well-known personality from history. The man just finds his comfort in history and his inspiration came when he saw some colorized photos on Reddit. “They were colorized by hand. This discovery led me to a more in-depth search, and I learned that it was actually done by an old lady,” said the man. “She had a website dedicated to hand-coloring photographs of all periods with oil. It just absolutely blew me away.”

#1 Desmond Doss

Facebook/ MadsMadsen.CH

Desmond Doss, Conscientious Objector, And Medal Of Honor Recipient. He Was Given The Medal Of Honor For His Actions At Hacksaw Ridge, During The Battle Of Okinawa, Where He Carried 75 Wounded Men To Safety Under Heavy Enemy Fire

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