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25 Times People’s Expectations Burst Like A Bubble



With all technology, that we have nowadays and high usage of it, like smartphones and laptops, it has become much easy to find and buy household items, clothing, and even food on the internet. That’s all just with a few clicks and at one’s doorstep. Online shopping is the best way and easy for people who are so busy to go to the store or mall.

However, the other side of online shopping stores is really disappointing and troublesome. For example when you order food and finally you get another thing far from what you want. Some people shared incidents showing how a product or something looks absurdly different from what’s seen when purchasing it. Scroll down to see some online food shopping fails that will hilariously blast your balloon.

#1 Creamy Indeed!

reddit/ urheartismypinataa

#2 Wife ordered dish rack from an Instagram ad

reddit/ halibutface

#3 Something Isn’t Quite Right. Where’s The Good Humor?

reddit/ deranged_hermit2

#4 Them Wish.com Bargains Usually Fail

reddit/ msnkz

#5 Reality is often disappointing

reddit/ CommanderZanderTGS

#6 A Dulce de Leche donut, you say?

reddit/ NoReasonJustBecause

#7 Slightly disappointed at this

reddit/ Katyt1828

#8 Two scoops of raisin bran. Ant-size scoops?

reddit/ graeme3

#9 Oregano.

reddit/ SoNiK85

#10 If Spongebob mutated:

reddit/ brazilianchilidog

#11 I see why it’s on discount

reddit/ xkooki3x

#12 Never Trust Instagram Advert

reddit/ Tyhoneycutter

#13 This really… soft cake.

reddit/ SpiciestOwl

#14 Was not expecting a lot, but this definitely sucks

reddit/ xJTE93

#15 Are the mushrooms invisible?

reddit/ martymcflyin

#16 Imagine getting lied to like this.

reddit/ snakeoil-huckster

#17 Six cranberries to be precise

reddit/ arbuzer

#18 Why Purchase This When You Make One For Yourself

pikabu.ru/ masaHomka

#19 Ordered the one of the left, boyfriend got delivered naked dudes running 3 weeks later

reddit/ webcook22

#20 The True Definition Of Being Robbed In The Day

reddit/ RATMRJ

#21 GF Ordered A Jacket But Got This Instead

imgur/ unknown author

#22 Costco did me dirty for $16.58. I’ve totally lost my appetite

reddit/ Dasgerman1984

#23 Look at this single drop of garlic in this bread

reddit/ Wayward_Slytherin

#24 Gift For Daughter Goes 100% Wrong

pikabu.ru/ banzai89

#25 Look Closely At The Circled Pen & Estimate The Size


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