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This Man Colorizes Old Photos And They Might Change The Way You See History



#20 Albert Einstein Laughing During A Dinner Party, Year Unknown

Facebook/ MadsMadsen.CH

#21 Paul Newman & Clint Eastwood

Facebook/ MadsMadsen.CH

#22 Victor Hugo, Famous Author Of Les Miserables, And The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame – Ca. 1876

Instagram/ @madsmadsen.ch

#23 James Dean, Actor And Rebel Without A Cause, December 29th, 1954

Instagram/ @madsmadsen.ch

#24 Joseph Goebbels Scowling At Photographer Albert Eisenstaedt After Finding Out Eisenstaedt Was Jewish.

Instagram/ @madsmadsen.ch

Eisenstaedt himself is quoted as saying ‘He stared at me with hate in his eyes’, despite the events following up to this. Eisenstaedt had photographed Goebbels sitting on his own outside in the courtyard, had approached him and taken a photograph of him, and really was sad, when Goebbels had learned of Eisenstaedt’s ‘true identity’.

#25 Abraham Lincoln And George Mcclellan At Antietam, October 2nd/3rd, 1862

Instagram/ @madsmadsen.ch

Abraham Lincoln was an American statesman and lawyer who served as the 16th president of the United States from 1861 to 1865. Lincoln played a major role in leading the country through moral and constitutional crises in the American Civil War.

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