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23 Extraordinary Finds That People Couldn’t Believe At Thrift Stores



Most people love Thrift stores because they are sure someday they will hitting something more interesting. Just with only a few bucks will turn one man’s trash is another man’s treasure that no one else will have.

Looking through racks of items, especially clothing can be honestly exhausting, but at times searching for the best is worth the effort. From quality to second-hand vintage outfits from famed designers to unique and weird house tools. Users at a Facebook group named ‘Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared’ they proven that.

Scroll down to see the benefits of thrift stores. And we sure the picture will motivate you to re-schedule your activities for a secondhand shop to sifting things.

#1 “Piece of Ceramic Truth From The Salvation Army”

Facebook/ @‎Tracey McAdams

#2 “I’m glad too. Lol. I went Back And Bought It.”

#3 “A Vampire hunting Kit I Found in Anchorage AK”

Facebook/ @‎Cheryl Newman Verret‎

#4 Griswald Obviously Approved The Garage Sale Find

Facebook/ @Elisabeth Guetle

#5 A Mug Every English Major Would Want

Facebook/ @‎Madison Rich‎

#6 “Found A Bunch Of Old Family photos Dating Back To ’95 At A Thrift Store, Thanks To Social Media, I Was Able To Reunite Them With Its Owners.”

Facebook/ @Ali McPhee

#7 “A “cowch.” Found at the Benton Trading Post in Maine.”

Facebook/ @‎Lauren Souther

#8 If your Latin is rusty, it says “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream”

Facebook/ @‎Matthew Randall‎

#9 “I bought It For £150 Plus delivery !!!”

Facebook/ @‎Hayley Beattie

#10 This ‘Golffball and Appliances’ Thingy Is A White Cross Vibrator. It was used to help treat “hysteria”

Facebook/ @Anne Riotto

#11 “Sort Of Humor That Always Gets Me”

Facebook/ @‎Ryan K. Jones

#12 “Mum bought Me This Bunny Mug When I was 9. Didn’t Realise Until Years Later That it’s Just A Bunch Of Rabbits Having An Orgy. “

Facebook/ @‎Angel Horrigan

#13 “Fiberglass and corrugated iron giant mushroom goat house For $25! Bargain! “

Facebook/ @‎Ruth Taylor

#14 Would You Want This Whisk In Your Home?

Facebook/ @Katherine Break

#15 Tiny Functional Knife With A Mother Of Pearl Handle

Facebook/ @WeirdSecondhandFinds

#16 “Found This Shirt At My local Goodwill.”

Facebook/ @‎Tiffany Nicole Bender

#17 Worlds Greatest Tissue Dispenser?

Facebook/ @‎Samuel Orozco

#18 Interesting Read

‎Riley Pemberton‎

 #19 I Found The Ad For My Vintage Bracelet In A 1972 Magazine. I was reading WHILE WEARING IT.

Facebook/ @‎Jessie Lee Fogarty

#20 “If they were only my size”

Facebook/ @‎Doug Shaw‎

#21 This Creepy-ass Nun Is Helen Gardner. She Was The First Actor (male or female) To Start Her Own Film Production Company.

Facebook/ @‎LeAnn Walton O’Neill

#22 Thought This Was A Palm Reading Guide until I read it Edit: This Is In Caloundra, QLD, Australia”

Facebook/ @‎Cassy Hodges-Tester‎

#23 “Ironically I Found This On National Pet Day.”

Facebook/ @‎Julie Sowers Merrell‎

h/t: Greenlemon

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