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20 Ridiculous Projects That Should Never Be Done Anywhere Else



Sometimes, designers make us laugh out loud with their failed projects. And interestingly, recognition or an award is given to the most absurd work that is shared on the internet. But from the otherside the mistakes can be of the installers, like the door on the stairs

We’ve collected the most ridiculous projects we found through archives that absolutely you will make you shocked. These things could have been done so much better if you made it by yourself without the fixer. From the transparent bathroom glass stall door, the showerhead, to the terrifying stairs. Check out these hilariously bad projects for how not to design what I see. Enjoy!

#1 When the driver is the person that draws the dividing line.

#2 That man thinking is what sends us.

#3 A strong urge to use a hammer to break this.

#4 The stairs need a door.

#5 Genius sink installation.

#6 How can you come to this situation with your electricity?

#7 Don’t you just love an inviting window?

#8 Genius shower installation.

#9 This isn’t the transparency we want.

#10 Such a smooth transition.

#11 How did this pipe happen?

#12 A manhole you can’t possibly miss.

#13 What happened in here?

#14 Solar panels need shades, too.

#15 The stairs of anxiety.

#16 Such an amazing fix.

#17 This heating unit.

#18 This small heater.


#19 Such a strong barrier.

#20 Looks like someone trying to annoy others with that stone tile.

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