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30 Hilarious Moments Taken At The Right Time



It’s always easy to take a picture just by pressing the button, but at the right time, the place can make funny coincidence photos or a beautiful illusion because the perfect images are often the ones captured without planning. You have just to be the right person in the right place at the right time

Some people took pictures when they have not realize what they were doing and finally turn into unforgettable images. Scroll down to see a collection of some the best perfectly timed pictures

h/t: greenlemon.com

#1 I took a random picture of my mom when this came out.

reddit/ MuffinHatLP

#2 How does it feel to have a beer towel, we wonder.

Twitter/ @FCBayernEN

#3 This alien-level perfect-timing.

reddit/ Epileptic_Ebola

#4 Extreme hairdo.

reddit/ bestdayforpizza

#5 The holy toilet.

reddit/ Trololman72

#6 Took a perfect picture as my brother jumped and this looks divine.

imgur/ WhatStartsTheHeart

#7 Found the truck stealing the sunset!

reddit/ Diginixy

#8 Cat got a six-pack!

reddit/ j3nn1f3r00

#9 Beautiful sunset by the pier.

flickr/ John H. Moore

#10 Wait is that eagle…?

#11 If you line up 14 wind turbines in a single row.

reddit/ Grown_Man_Poops

#12 Dad’s at the right place.

reddit/ saraboulos

#13 This beautiful image of the wave right before it breaks.

Grant Ly

#14 When you used white on your eyes and your eyes were actually closed in the picture.

#15 Chief Vitamin Water watching over his area.

reddit/ BisonST

#16 That phantom hairdo.

#17 That perfect timing with the TV.

reddit/ Streeb-Greebling

#18 Kid trying out what mom wears.

reddit/ Streetmix

#19 A picture of a firefighter from Peru.

Twitter/ @Ricardo Cuba Zavala

#20 A plane flying through the rainbow as the lightning strikes.

reddit/ flashman

#21 Meanwhile in Tel Aviv, Israel, the guys…


#22 His earbuds’ tangled like a treble clef.

reddit/ mildlyintersting

#23 Well, well, look who just went by!

reddit/ VladislavMiloslav

#24 Light through the trees.

reddit/ LeGaffe

#25 Captured a trout as it caught a mayfly seconds before the water tension breaks.

instagram/ @panilssonoutdoorphotography

#26 She is comin’!

reddit/ conancat

#27 Got a picture of the fire pit and it actually looks like Peter Pan with Tinkerbell.

reddit/ Clongjax

#28 Put my feet up while watching TV and then this happens.

reddit/ frankieMART

#29 As the bumblebee lands on the sun.

reddit/ mike_pants

#30 Substitute teacher’s internal screaming.

reddit/ DedRuck

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