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30 Times People Found The Unexpected Old Things That Will Blow Your Mind



Some of us get lucky to find some interesting and unexpected old things in the house like grandpa’s old camera or a rock with a cool fossil imprint. But some are luckier to find quirky old pieces of history.

People started sharing the odd old items not just that we find in the basement. From old coins and ancient Buddha carvings to vintage music typewriters – We are definitely stunned by seeing these unexpected old things and if you have some antique objects don’t forget to share them with us!

#1 My Friend Just Found This Little Statue While Digging In His Own Garden

reddit/ lodeluxMeaLux

The archeologists from the museum told him that it is probably from a grave dating back to 4,000 years ago. It has been found in Castell’ Arquato, PC, Italy. He donated it to the Museum of Parma.

#2 A construction company in Jiangxi Province caused this reservoir level to sink 10 feet, revealing a 600-year-old carving of Buddha, possibly from the Ming dynasty

reddit/ 49and8

#3 These lock keys with beautiful and intricate design

reddit/ Clevercapybara

#4 My Barbershop Still Uses Their Original Cash Register From 1904

reddit/ baggedlunch

#5 2000-Year-Old Green Serpentine Stone Mask Found At The Base Of The Pyramid Of The Sun, Teotihuacán, Mexico

reddit/ innuendoPL

#6 Old European Houses Have A Shoe Scraper By The Door So That You Could Clean The Mud Off Your Soles Before Entering

reddit/ Berenicids


#7 Found This Coin In My Grandma’s Collection Of Old Stuff. Turns Out, It’s From The Year 1797

reddit/ Ihaha07

#8 I Found This Old Lightbulb In My Grandparents’ House Finished In 1902 And It Still Works

reddit/ gap343

#9 Friend found an arrowhead as he was splitting logs

reddit/ blunt_hound

#10 Found a Roman Coin in France through metal detecting. The picture is Emperor Constantine 1 which means this was minted in Trier or Treveri, Germany from around 330 A.D

reddit/ e890qu

#11 My Grandfather Had A Miniature Set Of All Of Shakespeare’s Plays. It’s 111 Years Old

reddit/ FX114

#12 Here’s late grandma’s old TV from 1962 complete with the operating guide and warranty card

reddit/ Rogation

#13 A Nice Couple Found My Great Grandpa’s Purple Heart In A Forclosed Home In A Box Labeled “Trash” And Returned It To My Family

reddit/ Phabricated_Phocks

#14 This antique light bulb had it’s filaments shaped into flowers

reddit/ Proteon

#15 Great Aunt’s nursing kit from a century ago is filled with cocaine tablets and a syringe

reddit/ Crepes_for_days3000

#16 I Found This Taped Up In The Toy Aisle Of Goodwill. Couldn’t Tell What It Did But Thought I Could Detail It. Took A $3 Gamble And Then This Happened

reddit/ Cursed_0ne

#17 A page of an illustration of the ship in a Captain’s Log. 1777

reddit/ albrock

#18 Grandpa Still Uses A Decades-Old Computer That Still Runs DOS, Typing And Printing And Storing Things On Floppies

reddit/ potatohead657

#19 An antique door with a keyhole even drunkards will find easy to use. Regensburg, Germany, 1380

reddit/ alphapaul98

#20 What a gorgeous, antique aquarium

reddit/ Proteon

#21 I Found These 60-Year-Old Condoms In My Basement

reddit/ dawoooo

#22 An old, well-preserved monopoly set was hidden in the walls of a house from 1925

reddit/ murphman84

#23 36 Vettes From An 80s Promtional. One From Each Production Year From 1953 To 1989 Found Sitting In A Nearly Abandoned New York City Storage Lot For About 25 Years

reddit/ eaglemaxie

#24 Inside Grandpa’s bomber jacket from WW2…

reddit/ itskateinabox

#25 This is a vintage music typewriter from the 1950s

twitter/ @mwichary

#26 An Old Cup That Keeps Your Moustache Dry

reddit/ strychnine213

#27 I Found This Cleaning Out Grandma’s House

reddit/ Abyss-Base-Jumper

#28 There are parts of New Orleans where horse hitches are still erected

reddit/ barrydingle504

#29 Found This Old Calculator In My Great Grandmother’s Attic

reddit/ eggnoodlericecakes

#30 An old sundial that shows the time in different parts of the world

reddit/ Aman-Kino

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