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29 Unnecessary Wasteful Packaging That Got Shamed Online (New Pics)



In your opinion how much paper or security plastic takes to secure small stuff in a carton box? Yes, sometimes they have to do that with just a little plastic not a mile of it, to protect the value stuff. Many people receive a lot of waste in the box and they aren’t happy, also are sharing pictures of the huge amounts of packaging material and we think if you see those photos you will get big anger.

Imagine ordering something who eco-friendly items only to have them come wrapped in a fort out of the trash – not only is it absolutely ridiculous but it also completely beating the purpose of reducing waste. People are tired of this rubbish, people are taking it upon themselves to publicly shame the wasteful companies online – we trying hard to make the world a cleaner, healthier, greener place to live on. Scroll down and open the next page to check out the incredibly wasteful packaging in the gallery below and open the next page to see more!

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Image source: Little_Lorelei



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