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35 People Became So Bored In Quarantine, They Came Up With Funnier Ways To Pass Time



You’ve probably been in these quarantine days doing all the good things in your house – Learned to cook a hundred new meals, cleaned up all of your shelves every time, and even learned something new like language. But what’s next? We think the quarantine is not going to end soon.

Turn out that being forced to stay at home and not going out lets some people get a little crazy and they’re coming up with funnier ways to kill time. From giving lectures to cats, making c-sections to tangerines, to wearing a dinosaur costume outside. check out all the hilarious ways people are passing time during the quarantine in the gallery below!!

#1 The Moment You Realise Coronavirus Boredom Has Set In

-twitter/ @TheGMcConnachie

#2 Day 5 Of Quarantine

facebook/ @jill.linden

#3 I Officially Reached Maximum Boredom Last Night

reddit/ Suprovation

#4 Quarantine Day 10. Dinosaurs Have Reclaimed The Land

reddit/ thehayden512

#5 Day 6 Of Quarantine

twitter/ @sofiarudyy

#6 A Hairstylist Friend Of Mine Is Doing Her Boyfriend’s Hair Each Day They Are Quarantined

Heidi Lee Oley

#7 Day 8

twitter/ @mayorxofficial

#8 My Mom Kinda Lost Her Mind In Self Quarantine

reddit/ PeteyPinguin

#9 Day 10 Of Quarantine. C Section Went Smooth And All Babies Are Safe

facebook/ @Taja Gray-Buggage

#10 “Dad, We’re Bored!” (Day 1 Of Lockdown)” Ummm Ok, Strip This Laptop Down, And This Desktop, And Then Rebuild Them”

reddit/ tardiusmaximus

#11 Quarantine Day 10

reddit/ Czarcasm3

#12 I Made A Teeny Tiny Paper Version Of All The Office Characters Because I Have Time To Kill

reddit/ and_peggy1776

#13 Experts Recommend Keeping Your Daily Rituals Even While Working From Home

reddit/ czmanix

#14 While Updating A Bathroom, I Left A Surprise Under The Floor For The Next Remodeler

reddit/ aarontminded

#15 My Family Had Some Fun With Post-It Notes To Entertain People Who Pass By

reddit/ opie81280

#16 Quarantine Day 8

reddit/ Tacarub

#17 Every Day Of The Quarantine I Will Shave A Little More

reddit/ bymyhandsorwithfire

#18 Day 9

twitter/ YahBoyJiraiya

#19 Quarantine Day 9: Silvia Is On A Roll

reddit/ buchanon12

#20 Every Day I Post A New Travel Picture From My Self-Quarantine. Now, Which Way To The Taj Mahal?

reddit/ KLGAviation

#21 Trying To Explain Why He’s Been Getting So Much More Attention Lately

reddit/ IamOldKingDoran

#22 New Treasure

reddit/ LKIkost

#23 Another Productive Day Working From Home

reddit/ KLGAviation

#24 Love My Roommates, But This Quarantine Got Me ‘Bout To Kill All Of ‘Em

reddit/ theGoose_aPrisoner

#25 Day 6

reddit/ posterstock

#26 Chose And Laid Out My Outfits For The Next 2 Weeks

reddit/ atodaso

#27 Bored At Home And Folded This Koi Fish

reddit/ zZWealthyBigPenisZz


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