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30 Unique People Whose Appearance Stand Out Wherever They Go



Everyone is unique in their own way, and it is said that each individual is different in this world, that means is impossible to find two exactly the same person. but there are some lucky ones who are beyond the ordinary whose unique genes make them stand out from the rest. Be it different colored eyes or birthmark. These people possess unique features which makes it easy for us to remember them

Mode Viral has found 15 people with a unique genetic appearance that has become a part of their identity and will make you said “Fascinating!” – see it all in the gallery below!

#1 Little Girl Born With A White Patch Of Hair Which Is Exactly The Same As Her Mum’s

This amazing hair pattern is caused by a condition is known as Poliosis or poliosis circumscripta.

#2 Handsome baby has a heart-shaped birthmark!

© Gurjen / Reddit

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