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Polish Model, 25, Goes Blind After Getting Her Eyeballs Dyed Black



A Polish model is left completely blind in one eye and can soon lose the second eye after a tattoo artist attempts to dye her eyeballs black.

Aleksandra Sadowska, 25, from the city of Wroclaw in West Poland, went to the tattooist after she decided to imitate Popek, a Rap Artist, the man with the reputation as the wildest rapper on the planet, who also had the whites of his eyes dyed black.

Instagram / @anoxi_cime

Popek (Paweł Ryszard Mikołajuw) has a notorious standing for his love of guns, drugs, and fast cars, having his face scarred, spending over a year in a coma, and becoming both an MMA fighter and a ballroom dancer, according to Vice.

The bungled procedure left Aleksandra complaining of pains in her eyes. She was reported by the tattooist to have said it was normal and could be treated with just painkillers. She got her eyes tattooed by a tattoo artist named in local media as Piotr A, based in the Polish capital Warsaw, who runs his shop that mainly does ear piercings, and is currently facing three years in prison sentences for accidentally disabling the woman.

Aleksandra wanted to imitate Popek, a Rap Artist, who also had the whites of his eyeballs dyed black

Instagram / @anoxi_cime

Although she followed his instructions, she lost complete sight in her right eye, the woman was informed by doctors that the damage was irreparable and that she would soon lose sight in her left eye too.

A further investigation was carried out that revealed the tattooist made critical mistakes in the process, he used the same ink one would use for tattooing the skin, which should not have come in contact with the eye at all.

“The model was informed by doctors that the damage remains irreparable and might soon lose sight in her left eye”

Instagram / @anoxi_cime

‘There’s evidence that the tattooist didn’t know how to perform such a delicate procedure and still, he decided to perform it, leading to this tragedy.’ Aleksandra’s lawyer said.

Aleksandra also said, ‘Unfortunately, doctors didn’t give much optimism for improvement. The damage done is quite deep and wide. I am scared I will be totally blind. I will, however, not lock myself and get depressed, I have this sadness behind me and I live on.’

Instagram / @anoxi_cime

Sadowska proudly calls herself the “Blackeyed Polish girl” on her Instagram. She has filed a suit against the tattoo artist and is claiming £300,000 ($386,700) in compensation for the botched procedure that was done in 2016.

“If your eyeball procedure’s done correctly, you’re not supposed to go blind at all. I was blind for three weeks. That was pretty brutal,” Luke said

The brave model described herself as a food and animal lover on Instagram and vowed not to let the loss of her sight bring her down

Instagram / @anoxi_cime


Instagram / @anoxi_cime

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