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This Guy Justifies The Worst Construction With Hilarious Captions (30 Pics)



Sometimes we want to build a small building or fix something in the house like pipes are a little bit leaky… so we looking for a repairman to do it cheaply, but be careful what you choose it. So let us introduce you to Trevor Lahey, AKA Greaseball1987, is one Certified Caulk Installer who charges ($17.40/hour with non-negotiable) and that’s I think a bloody steal, right?

Lahey has an Instagram account, which gives little information about this and every post has hashtags like, #keepcraftalive, #problemsolver and #themoreyouknow and if you see pictures of his hilariously creative you will see why he’s worth the price. Also has a website

So what do you think? Do you have any DIY stories like this disaster to share? Or even any ‘experts’ like Trevor here that might not be as skilled as they think they are? And don’t forget to open the next page to see more pictures and to share your thoughts in the comments below!





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