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This Rescue Unicorn Puppy Has A Tail Growing Out Of His Forehead



It turns out that Unicorns there are not only in dreamland but really exist in real life, after the rescue of a 10-week-old unicorn puppy called “Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn,” by the organization Mac’s on the streets of Kansas City, Missouri companion canine named Papa Smurf

The most-asked questions about Narwhal are: Does his tail shake? No, it does not, the extra tail is not connected to anything, just making him the coolest puppy ever!”. Why the unicorn moniker? Because of his weird horn, of course. According to their vet, Dr. Heuring, there’s no reason for the tail to be removed, as it is not causing him pain nor does it slow him, and doesn’t have bones inside, he just has an extraordinary facial feature.

The Mac’s Mission wrote on Facebook after they rescued him on November 8, 2019, “This puppy has a tail coming out from his forehead and a foot injury of some sort.”

The caregiver says the little puppy likes to nibble on his fingers and wants to play with anyone close, also has a second tail sprouting from his forehead.

The organization Mac’s founded by Rochelle Steffen focuses on “special needs” dogs that require extra medical care due to birth defects, injuries, or abuse based in Jackson, Missouri.

Mac’s mission wishes that the tail won’t be a problem in his future and they still want to watch him grow some more to be sure because that puppy is not available for adoption quite yet. Scroll down to see more of Narwhal and follow his journey on the Mac’s Mission Instagram.

Steffen said, Narwhal seems to be a dachshund mix, with a wiener dog’s short legs.

Mac’s Mission

Narwhal was found abandoned in the freezing cold along with an older dog

Mac’s Mission

Other than his peculiar extra tail, Narwhal seems to be completely healthy

Mac’s Mission

He likes to nibble on fingers and wants to play with anyone close

Mac’s Mission

After inspecting his unicorn tail, the vet said it’s not connected to anything and has no real use

Dr. Heuring examines Narwhal. Photo: Mac’s Mission

Mac’s Mission: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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