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This Is How Military Food Rations Look From Different Countries (14 Pics)



When we talk about the military, we wonder what are they eating during the mission? And is it a good food for soldiers? Well, there’s something called the MRE’s (Meals, ready-to-eat) is the most used as military food rations because they are a neatly packaged, super-compact, and easy way to provide that much-needed nutrition.

A Filipino YouTuber named David Hong, He shows us and tried many of MRE’s from different countries, and it turns out better than my dinner ever has – Scroll down to see the meals, and ready-to-eat and tell us what’s the best one.

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#1 U.S.

Youtube/ Alduin Hearth

Marble pound cake; Skittles; Grape flavor energy drink; Crackers; Chili; Macaroni

#2 Russia

Youtube/ Alduin Hearth

Apple sauce; Pea stew; Meatball; Bacon in fat; Crackers; Rice with peas and meat; Cheese spread; Carrot and potato substance

The YouTuber David Hong says he doesn’t have a favorite MRE since all of them are unique to their own nation, however, he added he really loved the Russian one as the food was very good and was the best seasoned. “The mini stove is also very cute when warming the entrees within their containers, as a civilian, I feel like camping when using it,” added Hong.

#3 Poland

Youtube/ Alduin Hearth

Tea; Coffee; Chicken casserole; Hardtack; Hard candies; Stick of gum; Honey; Condensed milk; Pepper; Salt; Raisins

#4 Italy

Youtube/ Alduin Hearth

Breakfast: Biscuits; Chocolate; Jelly; Spoon; Coffee; Sugar; Salt. Lunch: Tortellini; Beef; Fruit salad; Biscuits; Coffee. Supper: Crackers; An entry bar; Tuna; Soup

#5 France

Youtube/ Alduin Hearth

Terrine Forestiere; Crackers; Chocolate, nougat, and candy; Muesli, oats, and fruits; Instant tomato soup; Braised ham; Crozets et diets

#6 United Kingdom

Youtube/ Alduin Hearth

Muesli oats with milk; Sports drink, coffee, and tea; Candy; Cranberry cereal bar; Fruit cake; Vegetarian pasta; Oatmeal cookie and hazelnut spread; Tomato pasta salad; Salted nuts

#7 Canada

Youtube/ Alduin Hearth

Hot chocolate; Orange drink; Coffee; Coffee creamer; Banana flavored oatmeal cereal; Bread; Sliced apples; Baked beans; Ketchup; Peanut butter; Strawberry jam

#8 Kazakhstan

Youtube/ Alduin Hearth

Biscuits; Teabag; Jam; Pate; Squash; Rice; Corned beef with soup

#9 Germany

Youtube/ Alduin Hearth

Hazelnut pudding; Rindfleischlyoner Grob; Pea stew with mettwurstchen; Hackfleischrollchen with rice; Muesli, oats milk and fruits; Roggenschrotbrot; Cranberry cereal bar; Roggenschrotbrot; Dark chocolate; Crackers

#10 Croatia

Youtube/ Alduin Hearth

Biscuits with pepper; Salt crackers; Chocolate; Pineapple; Papaya; Turkey pate; Liver spread; Sardines Beans; Coffee taffy’s; Orange drink; Tea; Beef soup

#11 Lithuania

Youtube/ Alduin Hearth

Drink; Chicken soup; Hazelnuts; Crackers; Chocolate; Chicken and rice

#12 Ukraine

Youtube/ Alduin Hearth

Breakfast: Iced tea; Biscuits; Rice with beef; Wipes. Lunch: Spoon and tissue paper; Pate; Pork; Drink; Sugar. Supper: Biscuits; Tuna; Pate; Iced tea; Sugar

#13 China

Youtube/ Alduin Hearth

Cake; Fruit; Rice; Sausage; Hot Sauce

#14 Spain

Youtube/ Alduin Hearth

Tuna; Mix fruits; Beef and peas; Instant Vege soup; Pate

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