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This Is How Military Food Rations Look From Different Countries (14 Pics)



When we talk about the military, we wonder what are they eating during the mission? And is it a good food for soldiers? Well, there’s something called the MRE’s (Meals, ready-to-eat) is the most used as military food rations because they are a neatly packaged, super-compact, and easy way to provide that much-needed nutrition.

A Filipino youtube named David hong, He shows us and tried many of MRE’s from different countries, and it turns out better than my dinner ever has – Scroll down to see the meals, ready-to-eat and tell us what’s the best one.

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#1 U.S.

Youtube/ Alduin Hearth

Marble pound cake; Skittles; Grape flavor energy drink; Crackers; Chili; Macaroni

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