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Woman Turns Old Clothes Of People’s Loved Ones Into Memory Bears



Sometimes clothes of loved ones who have died can bring you back to the precious memories, so it is preserved them.

Mary MacInnes, British artist, 21, takes these clothes and makes them into bears that people can proudly show in their homes and pass on through the generations to keep memories alive.

This memory bears are made from the favorite clothes of people who have died, and can also include jewelry or ashes. They can also be made with a special pocket at the back, where you can put letters or other mementos that are special to you. She usually spends five to six hours for planning, cutting, creating & sewing each bear.

As well as this, they have jointed legs and arms, so they can be putting differently depending on where you put them. They’re not toys, and start at £50 (with prices depending on specifications), but can be given to children to help them with bereavement.

MacInnes, she started this business for nearly six years. Her dressmaker career at first began in the bridal industry, and she studied fashion tech at Heriot-Watt University, as well as winning an award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year at just 16. Check out the “Memory Bears” in the gallery below and open the next page to see more!


Mary MacInnes

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