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Woman Shares Her Crazily Life Story On ‘Humans Of New York’ Goes Viral



The popular series on social media ‘Humans of New York‘ provided us the story of one old Black woman whose lived an incredibly interesting life gone viral.

The story from the woman, she was a stripper who know as the name ‘Tanqueray’ and she explains her days of seventies adult dancer stardom, glitz, glamour and gay bars in the early 70s on New York, in this period NY was known by the fashion of big hair and high heels and lots of Dance Clubs, some people want her story to turn into a movie. She said, “I had the best wardrobe: mink coats, 5-inch heels, stockings with seams up the back.” (We don’t know her real name)


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“My stripper name was Tanqueray. Back in the seventies I was the only black girl making white girl money. I danced in so many mob clubs that I learned Italian. Black girls weren’t even allowed in some of these places. Nothing but guidos with their pinky rings and the one long fingernail they used for cocaine. I even did a full twenty minutes in the place they filmed Saturday Night Fever. But I made my real money on the road. Three grand on some trips. Every time Fort Dix had their pay day, they’d bring me in as a feature and call me ‘Ms. Black Universe’ or some shit like that. I had this magic trick where I’d put baby bottle tops on my nipples and squirt real milk, then I’d pull a cherry out of my G-string and feed it to the guy in the front row. But I never used dildos on stage or any shit like that. Never fucked the booking agents. Never fucked the clients. In fact, one night after a show, I caught another dancer sneaking off to the Tate Hotel with our biggest tipper. Not allowed. So the next night we put a little itching powder in her G-string. Boy did she put on a show that night. Didn’t see her again until ‘The Longest Yard’ with Burt Reynolds. So I guess she finally fucked the right one.”

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After receiving With over 29,000 shares and 28,000 comments in record time, the second installment of her story was shared. Tanqueray reminisced on her days as a stripper. “Back in the seventies I was the only black girl making white girl money,” she said. “I danced in so many mob clubs that I learned Italian.”

According to Tanqueray, she explained how it all started. “My mom threw me out of the house at seventeen for getting pregnant, then had me arrested when I tried to get my clothes. Then she fucked the head of parole to try to keep me in jail,” she said. “She was some prime pussy back then.”

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