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15 Benefits Of Running That Will Keep you Healthy



as we know running is good for the soul and also much beneficial to your health. So let us know 15 benefits of running

1- overall mental health:

we know running habit will build self-respect, it also rises your self-confidence as you reach fitness or weight loss goals running can help you alleviate depression

2- strengthens your lungs:

runners have increased your breathing capacity from logging mile after mile

3- good heart:

running is the best ways to have your heart muscle an effective workout by running orderly, you can improve circulation and reduce the risk of a heart attack, high blood pressure, and stroke

4- weight loss:

the ordinary runner burning 1000 calories an hour over a training session

5- Increased bone density:

run as a regular basis, you are continuously taxing your muscles and bones, so the bones are a spur to stay stronger and do not easily weaken with age.

6- get a good sleeping:

Science studies confirm that runners find easy to get to sleep on the night and sleep longer

7- relieves stress:

running increases your capacity to cope with everyday minor irritations and stress

8- happiness:

People who run they are often happy than those who don’t run, can also improve patience humor and aspiration and make you more good-tempered and peaceful

9- reduces anxiety:

runners mostly have a lower level of anxiety, than those who don’t run, scientist confirm that regular training decrease the activity of the serotonin receptors in the brain, which regulate temper reduced sensibility of these receptors to energizing can explain the positive effects of exercise on anxiety

10- improve the immune system:

if you are a runner, that you have a good immune system, that means you will survive a little from minor illnesses like as colds, discomfort, backache, fatigue, allergies, menstrual, and digestive disorders

11- brain-power:

You can improve your mental functions by get running as stimulating blood flow to the brain and helps it receive oxygen and nutrients that give you more positive energy at work

12- Complexion:

Running improve your circulation the transportation of nutrients around your system and ejection out waste products, that will give you clearer skin and give you that special runners glow.

13- fat burn and lose weight:

Running is the best way of losing weight and fat burn. You will find that it is a good way to burn excess calories and that it is the most perfect exercise using in terms of fat burn. So If you run regularly, you will see a gradual healthy loss

14- helps prevent high blood pressure:

your arteries extend and shrink while we running helping to keep your arteries fit, which in turn keeps your blood pressure at a normal level

15- increased joint strength and stability:

increased the power of your joint ligaments and tendons and your joints will be able to resist more mileage and more uneven terrain

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