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Woman Thought She Had Water in Her Ear. Turns Out it Was a Spider



A woman from Missouri she found out she has a spider in her ear, and she kept calm because she is afraid of spiders.

The woman “Susie Torres” said she woke up one day thinking she had water in her ear because she feels “swooshing” sound in her ear, CNN published on Friday.

Susie said to CNN “I woke up Wednesday morning with a bunch of swooshing sounds in my ear.” she decided to go to the doctor. The medical assistant examined ‘Torres’ ear, seemed to be shocked, and went to get more people. ” And she then said, ‘I think you have an insect in your ear,'” Torres told KSHB.

Torres said she didn’t scare at that period, but after, the medical assistant gave her a worthy reason that would freak anyone.

Susie said, “She come back to me and told me it was a spider.”


They had few tools and worked to get the spider out, after many attempts, the spider finally went out. Doctors told Susie it was a highly venomous brown recluse spider “nocturnal spider”, she lucky, after a checking, Turns out the spider did not bite her.

According to the Centers for Illness Control and Prevention, a bite from a brown recluse can cause itching, muscle pain, increased sweating, headaches, nausea, and fever. The “CDC” proposes treatment by a medical professional for any brown recluse bite.

Torres, she does not know where the spider came from, and she said: “I never think they would creep in my ear or any part of my body,”. but after that shocking incident, now she’s taking precautions before she goes to bed to stop any other insect crawl into her ear.

Susie said: “I went and put some cotton balls in my ear last night because I did not have any earplugs.” also she said, “I’m pretty terrified of spiders.”

Brown recluse spiders are scary and serious

The brown recluse spiders hide out in the dark in logs and rocks. When they sneak in the house, they make their homes inside closets, attics and, also in shoes, according to the CDC.

4 months ago that doctors found a spider inside a man’s ear in China, according to The Sun news. The man went to the doctor feels of an Itching inside his ear and doctors saw the spider deep in his ear. They shoot a video of the spinning spider, which went viral in May.


Source: CNN / KSHB

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