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20+ Couples Who Absolutely Won Halloween



Some couples decided to wear coordinated Halloween costumes like Ketchup and fries! Lego Game! Knife and fork! Toy Story!. Being a couple literally gives you someone to coordinate with, and these creative couples prove it.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of beautiful and creative couples’ costumes. From spot-on costume ideas to clever designs based on wordplay, hope it will be these creative couple costumes will be the inspiration you were looking for and to get you out there and create inspiring Halloween clothes – And don’t forget to make something new.


#1 My Friend’s Halloween Costume As Yin And Yang

#2 My Brother Was Sad His Girlfriend Couldn’t Come To Our Halloween Party, So He Came As Both Of Them

#3 This Is What Won My Parents A Couples Costume Contest

#4 My Friends’ Beetlejuice Costumes Are Ridiculously Good

#5 Just In Time For Halloween, Anglerfish Costumes

#6 My Brother And His Girlfriend Nailed Halloween This Year

#7 They Won Best Couple For Their Costumes!

#8 Edward Scissorhands And His Topiary Bush

#9 If You Don’t Know What We Are, “I’m Too Young For You, Bro”

#10 My Girlfriend And I Attempted Our First Couples Costume This Halloween. I Think We Did A Pretty Good Job With It

#11 I Don’t Know If The Town Is Ready For My Trick Or Treaters Or Not

#12 Created A Mask Of My Face For Halloween

#13 It’s So Fluffy!

#14 Me And The Boyfriend At A Disney-Themed Halloween Party (I’m Aladdin)

#15 My Girlfriend And I Decided To Do A Couples Costume For The First Time! All Done With Makeup, No Masks

#16 My Fiance And I Made Our Costumes This Year

#17 A Wild Horseshoe Crab In Its Natural Habitat

#18 My Boyfriend Has One Hand. We Get Creative For Halloween

#19 When Your Boyfriend Says He Is Going To Be Trump For Halloween, You Dress Up As Rosie The Riveter

#20 Here’s Mine And My Girlfriend’s Halloween Costume

#21 My Friends’ Silent Hill Costumes For Halloween

#22 My Parents’ Costumes Last Night

#23 My Best Friend And His Girlfriend’s Couple Costume This Year Is Too Precious!

#24 My Wife And I Made Daft Punk Halloween Costumes

#25 “TV’s First Interracial Kiss” Start Trek

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