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20 Secondhand Treasures People Found On The Streets Of New York City



One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. That’s happening in NYC where people leave their unwanted furniture on the sidewalk for other people to take free of charge and that called ‘stooping’ in New York. Cruising around looking for good stuff can be quite time-consuming, but for some people stooping becomes their favorite pastime.

There’s an Instagram account named ‘Stooping NYC’ that sharing the vintage furniture for people who actually needs them. From midcentury furniture to one-off antiques, home decor of the highest caliber has been plentiful — all free — for anyone lucky and quick enough to take it. Check out the most amazing curbside treasures spotted in New York City in the gallery below!

#1 Such An Amazing Found, Perfect For This Flat!

Instagram/ @stoopingnyc

#2 Home With Six Beds And 4 Bathrooms In The Victorian Style. Dreamhouse For People Under 1 Foot Tall.

Instagram/ @stoopingnyc

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