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39 People Encountered Their Worst Experience They Had With Bad Delivery Guys



In our lives, we are surrounded by jerks and we will meet some of them someday. Jerks come in many shapes and forms, maybe random people, customers, co-workers, or even your roommates. Some people encountered horrible instances by delivery guys where they have one simple job, are delivery of our parcels and stuff to the right place and carefully is not hard to do this? Take a look at how some delivery guys act brutally when they think that nobody is looking!

There are many delivery guys who ensure safety delivery of your parcels or food, and some guys who have a curiosity to know what’s inside the parcel will end up shattering your stuff into pieces, or whether they’re delivery food they’ll end up eating or drinking it. Imagine the feeling you will feel if you experience such behavior Immoral by the bad delivery guys.

Here are some footages the most infuriating instances spotted by CCTV who doesn’t lie. Definitely, those shocking Behaviors of these delivery drivers will make your blood boil. Scroll down and open the next page to see that

#1 Looks Like I Won’t Be Listening To My New Vinyl Record. Thanks, USPS

#2 My First 4k TV Finally Arrived!


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