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Desperate Chinese Citizens Spotted Using Fruit And Plastics As Face Masks



Desperate Chinese citizens who are unable to purchase face masks have turned to fruit rinds and plastic bottle helmets to shield themselves from the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

Organizations have been working overtime to supply citizens with protective masks amid surging demand as reports of the deadly flu soared to nearly 8,200 today.

Users on social media are posting people donning tangerine and grapefruit skins, and water cooler bottle headgear as masks, while others have mocked the health crisis with absurd alternatives, including iceberg lettuce.

It comes this after Chinese health officials warned people not to re-use their protective masks after videos emerged of people boiling their surgical masks and hanging them up to dry. Also medical experts said that this very reduces the efficiency of the masks, a spokeswoman for the Gansu province Health Commission said that they should be discarded after just 4 hours of use.




A man uses a mask made out of one massive bottle and fitted with other smaller bottles, with tissues perhaps fitted for some sort of filtration



A woman who wears a mask with a female sanitary item (left) and another man was spotted with a bra wrapped round his ears (right)


A man waits to be served while wearing a hulking plastic bottle taken from a water cooler on his head in an effort to fight off the virus

More than 50 million residents remain on lock-down and 200 deaths in the country.

Beijing has, however, sent over 6000 doctors from around the country to Wuhan and ordered at least 5 coronavirus hospitals to be built in a bid to stop the scourge.

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A man wearing a foil mask and a woman with a plastic bag covering her face in a bid to keep the virus away
























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