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Mouse jumps into a deep fryer at Whataburger in Texas goes viral



The Whataburger who location in Bastrop, Texas has reopened after a worrying video shows mouse in the food prep area of the restaurant goes viral. Was captured footage by a facebook user Brushawn Lewis on Saturday.

The mouse can be seen in the Facebook video walking through the burger area, also customers express about the situation, calling it “nasty.” Some employee of Whataburger then says — people can get their money back, as long as they have a receipt.

Somebody asks about the rodent “Can I just pick it up?” also someone replies “You can take that motherfucker home if you want to.”

The mouse who was captured on the video as like about the movie Ratatouille as well as users on social media posts calling the rodent “suicidal.”

The mouse, on the video, try to get away as a customer can be seen trying to catch the mouse and then jumps into the bubbling grease of the deep fryer. some people took the chance to joke about “deep-fried rat.”

User says in the Facebook video “When it’s cooked, it’ll float to the top.”

The Whataburger has sent a statement to local TV news station KVUE explaining, “we closed the restaurant out of plenty of caution and notified pest control. The whole restaurant has since been cleaned and disinfected.”

The video on Facebook reached more than 2 million views

On a Facebook post that has been deleted confirm the restaurant insisted that place has never had problems like this before

the cause who facebook deleted post is about some people have taken to the page to complain about the rodent, though it looking pretty clear that they are just trolls who have actually never visited this place Whataburger ever.

For all what happened, the Bastrop Whataburger place actually has a Yelp rating of 3 stars, while other location near has an ever lower rating.

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