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Photographer Travels Around the World to Capture the Beauty of Red Hair



Photographer Brian Dowling has photographed many famous redheads like Amy Adams, Julianne Moore, and Julia Roberts, but his novel project focused on the beauty of daily female redheads. Dowling, from Berlin he spent 3 summers visiting more than 20 countries, where he shot portraits of more than 130 women has red hair.

Dowling his goal is to show the beauty and variety in this rarest of hair colors. Research has shown Just 2% of people who have this fiery hair color, who caused by parents having the recessive MC1R gene. Even with both parents carrying the gene, their progeny only have a 25% of existence born with red hair.

Much linked red hair with Scotland and Ireland, with 10% and 13% of the world’s natural redheads respectively, but Dowling’s trip confirms they come from all nationalities. From dark auburn to golden copper, as well as other features like the freckles and pale skin redheads are famed for.

Brian Dowling is drag together his work into the artbook “Redhead Beauty” which will be published after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Dowling notes that the photographs shooting without any makeup, special lighting, or Photoshop. Dowling confirms, “I desire it to be clear these photos are a real reversal of the model and for people to end their stereotypes of redheads.”


1- Masha In St Petersburg, Russia

2- Alina From Kyiv, Ukraine

3- Madeline From Washington State, USA

4- Kirstie In The Scottish Highlands Of Glencoe

5- Carmen From Best, Netherlands

6- Alisha From Odessa, Ukraine

7- Krissy From Stuttgart, Germany

8- Ellie From London, England

9- Maria From Moscow, Russia

10- Ruby From Essex, England

11- Aoife From Longford, Ireland

12- Nastya Pindeeva From UK

13- Natasha’s Freckles From London, Uk

14- Laura From Virginia, USA

15- A Model In A Snowy Park In Munich, Germany

16- A Model From California, USA

17- Beata Overlooking Downtown Warsaw

18- Sophee From California, USA

19- Gracie From Howth, Ireland

20- Alina From Odesa, Ukraine

Brian Dowling: Instagram | Website


Source: BoredPanda

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