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25 Struggles Only Kids Born In The 90s Will Understand Too Well




For all 90’s kids, we will come back to a pretty period where we got to witness the insane evolution of technology and the increasing reliance on the internet over the years. So this is the time to look back to our childhood days.

Everything was amazing in the 90s and nobody can convince me otherwise! We grew up in a time of the first Millennials, also known as Generation Y (or simply Gen Y) coinciding with unprecedented technological change. We saw the change of social media from MSN Messenger, MySpace, and Friendster to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. We saw the change from using VCR tapes to CDs, and now to USB and hard drives, and also we had something like Netflix too, but you had to go to a video store to buy a tape or DVD, then it was Mp3, iTunes, and finally Spotify. Looking back, these things may seem uncomfortable, but we really loved them!

The Rising generations they very lucky with the modern technology that they have now, those are the things that we only dreamed of in our childhood, because they can have everything they want in just a click of a button. But we are also fortunate in the ’90s Because we’re able to experience the move of early technology to the latest technology. So let’s see pictures of all those ‘struggles’ that can travel you to the past, and they are sure to bring back some good memories. Scroll down and open the next page to check them out for yourself, and share your own stories in the comments!

h/t: Borepanda



In the past, texting wasn’t always that easy. Do you want to type that S? You better be sure you work hard for it and hit that 7 buttons FOUR TIMES. We spent much time to flesh out a lengthy reply



Before mp3, we used a large album to save our favorite music and to find your favorite jam was struggle






If this screen appears, have no choice but to wait for at least 10-20 minutes, so you either click them all or just painfully hit the power button to fix this.



We don’t have Netflix in the ’90s, but we have a video store



Floppy disks first appeared in the 70s, as a means of storing data from the first ‘personal’ computers is like USB now




























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