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30 Vintage Technology Ads From Back In The Day That Look Way Overpriced



Technology is one of the most important things that’s advancing at a rapid pace when you buy a phone or computer with hundreds of dollars, over time it will become completely obsolete. Well, let’s laugh at how ridiculous the old electronic stuff prices on these vintage ads were!

Some people are sharing technology ads from the old days and really was important ads that prove how advanced the technology is. From a 10 MB hard disk for $3398 to a color TV at $327.88. Things were insane back then, and tell us about those old electronic devices you still have it until nowadays!

#1 The Panasonic RX 5500 Stereo for $576 which is about $2000 today

#2 XCOMP 10 MB hard disk for $3,398

#3 The IBM 5110 computing system for under $18,000

#4 Imsai PC with 10 MB hard disk and an 8-bit microprocessor. Cost of $5,995 in the ’80s

#5 The hard disk at 10 MB for $3,495

#6 Spartan Apple II and an emulator for $600

#7 A 15 MB massive hard disk drive for $2,495

#8 Bell & Howell 8mm camera cost $207.7

#9 Sinclair ZC80 PC at $199.95

#10 Intercooler 3621 with 51k mini-disk drive and 32k RAM. Cost: $3,300

#11 Emerson Radio corporation TV set for $599.50. 1949

#12 Phone Mate automatic answering machine for $129.5

#13 Sears portable color TV at $327.88

#14 The JVC’s HR-7300 Vidstar with a built-in video recorder. Cost: $1,280

#15 Corvus Systems Inc. with a ‘mass storage’ of 1000 MB

#16 Westinghouse 242 Big Picture TV for $270 or about $2,700 today

#17 Tandy CT-300 cellular phone for $1,499. 1989

#18 Coral cellphone by UK’s Telecom at $895

#19 Osborne business computing at $1,795

#20 Ampex FR200 tape transport at base price $2,675

#21 Apple l1 Plus at $1,195 back in 1977

#22 Motorola’s stereo Hi-Fi coffee table for $169.95

#23 Sears’ 8-digit electronic calculator for almost $100

#24 256K 1-disk memory PC for $5,000

#25 TRS-80 back in 1977 was sold for $3,450

#26 Betavision video cassette recorder that cost almost $1000


#27 Seagate ST4096 memory hard disk from 80’s at $12,000

#28 Commodore 64K PC for everybody at $600

#29 Sinclair Microvision pocket TV at $395

#30 TRS-80 PC with 32K at $3,874

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