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Stop!… You Only Need 4 Exercises To Building Muscle At Home Without Equipment



You don’t have much time or you put in long hours at work or whatever the reason that can’t go to the gym. Don’t worry we’ve all been there like they said time is merciless. But you can build your muscles at home without equipment just by using your own body weight. here are 4 exercises that will have you building muscle at home sans equipment.

#1 Push-ups Exercise

The push-ups exercise is the most ideal exercise for building the upper body that targets muscles of the chest, shoulders, back, abdomen, and triceps.

Photo by Karl Solano from Pexels

Benefits of push-ups

The building of the upper body muscles that play an important part in push-ups like the chest, shoulder, triceps, and spinal muscles of the back, also the abdominal muscles enter while performing a push-up exercise to keep the body stiff. Even in our daily life we often have to push heavy things that you should have good muscle fitness. Push-ups are also considered a measure of general fitness.

Fouls committed while performing a push-up exercise

  1. Relax the abdomen muscle in the middle area of the body.
  2. Excessive or relaxation neck elevation too much.
  3. Put your hands in an advanced position during exercise.

#2 Pull-ups Exercise

The pull-up is like push-ups both building the upper body, but the pull-up exercises focus also on the back. To do you need, an iron bar that is held by the hands, after which the body weight is lifted and lowered again and again. The pull-up exercise can be difficult for beginners to perform at home because it requires physical fitness and strength in the muscles of the arms and back to do better.

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

Benefits of Pull-up

The pull-up is the best exercise for building back muscles because it targets the large muscles are located behind your arms, and also includes during exercise the chest muscles, upper back, and shoulders, and the abdominal muscles to help ensure the stability of the body.

Fouls committed while performing a pull-up exercise

  1. Swing the body during exercise.
  2. Excessively open hands.
  3. Speeding up or slowing down in performing the exercise.
  4. Banishment of the elbows excessively from the body.

#3 Squats Exercise

Squats are one of the best exercises for building the lower body because squatting engages many muscles and joints at the same time, and also following instructions for best results.

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

Benefits of Squats

The squat exercise builds the lower body muscles, who also an important exercise to do for more strength and endurance, which improves the stability in the upper body. Also, most athletes doing this squat exercise as the basis of their body weight-regulating program.

Why is the squat exercise the best exercise for building the lower body because it enters most of the muscles during exercises like the thigh muscles (anterior part) and the gluteal muscles (the buttocks), and also participates in the secondary role of the back muscles, transverse abdomen, gluteus maximus, gluteal minor, adductor muscle, soleus muscle, calf muscle, and hamstrings? But first, you need to learn how to implement it safely so that you do not get injured or hurt

Fouls committed while performing a squats exercise

  1. The bowing of the spine.
  2. Not touching the foot to the ground during the exercise.
  3. Insufficient experience performing the exercise.

#4 Dips Exercise

Dips exercise is one of the best exercises for building the muscles of the chest, shoulders, and triceps. To do it you need two parallel bars or even chairs and start dipping or diving your body between them while bending your arms at a 90-degree and continuing to rise and descend while keeping the legs bent until you feel tired.

Photo by Sinitta Leunen from Pexels

Benefits of Dips

Dips pose a great challenge if you suffer from weakness in the arms because the whole body weight is placed on the shoulders during exercise. So you must start this exercise with a limited number and carefully on the first time, to ignore any damage to the muscles and joints.

Dips exercise helps to strengthen the triceps muscles, the shoulders, and the upper chest muscles. The main function of the triceps muscle is to lift the body and push things in our many daily activities, also maintain the balance of the body.

Fouls committed while performing a dips exercise

  1. Bend the back.
  2. Raised shoulders and tilted excessively forward.
  3. Bend the body forward during the exercise.
  4. dipping your body excessively.
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